In my latest article, I have tried to give you an overview of Electron.js, an amazing framework used to build GUI desktop applications starting from existing components, originally developed for a web application. Today, I’m here to try to give you a brief showcase about amazing desktop applications that you probably didn’t know where developed using this amazing tool!

This won’t only be an interesting list for you, but it also might be inspiring for all the developers out there to start experimenting with this framework in order to build amazing cross-platform apps by themselves!
Let’s start.

Visual Studio Code

I have already mentioned this amazing text editor in one of my previous articles. And that’s mainly because I am truly convinced about how amazing this tool is. Since its release, this powerful code editor has skyrocketed in the Olympus of the preferred tools for software developers. It won’t only provide you thousands of great packages to download to make your experience customized for your needs (also making it a fully-packed IDE), but it’s also basically great for every type of task or language! from Javascript to Python, going through Java and C++.


If you are a developer, then you probably already use Slack. This communication tool is a standard in the industry for developers who want to be always updated with what’s happening in the project workflow. Communication and interaction are made easy thanks to this tool, and also thanks to Electron! Slack is in fact an Electron app, this framework was used in order to provide a desktop version of this platform. That allowed the team behind Slack to provide a more focused and organized way of using the application.

Whatsapp Desktop

Being able to make one of the most downloaded messaging app available for desktop use? you can do that for sure using Electron, and that’s also exactly what happened with Whatsapp desktop. Electron allowed the team behind this software to package the already built components and use them to realize a new experience for the users.  

Pexels Desktop App

Amazing product for writers, designers and publicists. Due to some inner functionalities of this application, the team behind Pexels decided to make it into a desktop app version, and that of course, was possible thank to Electron.js. 

WordPress Desktop

The standard out there for content management systems. Every good and reliable software like WordPress deserves a desktop application that can further increment its usability and overall experience, all while keeping this truly cross-platform!


The last two articles I have written on this blog were an introduction to Electron, this amazing tool that I hope will gain an important place in the future of our developer’s lives. If the latest article wanted to let you know about this framework existance, the target of this piece of text was to make you aware of how many possibilites this tools can offer and how, even if you probably didn’t know, this tool is basically already everywhere!


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