In order to introduce you to this topic I’m currently learning about, I should first clarify the reasons behind this journey. My target, is to start working with a specific set of full-stack technologies. Keep in mind that in my workplace, at the moment we are working on a web app made with  :

  1. Html5 and CSS3
  2. Javascript and Jquery
  3. AngularJS
  4. EJB, Java
  5. Other frameworks like RESTEasy
  6. SQL

From this experience what I have learned is : I don’t like Java that much, and I don’t like angularJS too. I won’t go into much details about this, I can code in Java and I truly respect it as a programming language. But reality is, I would like to work with other stuff like :

  1. NodeJs
  2. Express
  3. React
  4. MongoDB

So with this is mind, and with enough knowledge of basics/intermediate Javascript I decided to start the journey to learn this technologies. Starting with React!

So what is React ?

At first, to understand the concept behind this library we might compare it to another technology like AngularJS. But keep in mind that Angular is a complete framework (including a view layer), while React is not. Introduced by a team of Facebook engineers in 2011, this technology is emerging in a new ecosystem, and guess what, its dominating it !

Stack overflow developer survey

Source : Stackoverflow Developer Survey Results 2017


So, to put it simple for now and to give a definition of this library we will say that :

React JS is a declarative and  efficient JavaScript library created for us to build, manage and update user interfaces flexibly. It makes creating interactive UIs a easy and painless process.

So why learning React ? 

Well….. there are a ton of reasons :

  1. React is an amazing technology built by amazing engineers at Facebook with a great documentation.
  2. It is used on some of the most viewed websites in the world, I’m talking of sites like  Instagram, Netflix, PayPal, Apple.
  3. It can be used to produce any type of web applications, native mobile apps (React native), command line interfaces, avionics and much more fields.
  4. React popularity is growing on a daily basis, making it one of the best choice for a job position(keep in mind my target!)
  5. With React you will be able to build any complex UI keeping state out of the DOM. React employs a Virtual DOM that ensures maximum efficiency by only re-rendering nodes whenever it is required.
  6. Its learning curve is amazing, making it a very easy library to pick up if you have already a good command on Javascript.


How can you learn React and how I am doing it ? 

There are millions resources out there to start learning React :

  1. React  crash course on youtube
  2. React course on Code academy
  3. React on codeschool
  4. Udemy courses(my advice): Modern React with Redux   or in alternative  The complete React web developer course (with Redux).

I decided to go for a udemy course, in order to speed up my learning and having the possibility to create projects along the way(which I think is a key factor when learning new stuff). My choice goes to The complete React web developer course (with Redux).

This course by Andrew Meade is amazing, full of great contents, two complete applications created on the way, great technical explanations and a great teacher.

So here we are, my learning process started,  and I am fully ready to learn react. Stay tuned for the next steps of my journey!


Be positive, happy learning.


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