I’ve always wanted to become a developer …

I can still remember, in High school, when I would talk to my friends about me working for Microsoft or Apple one day.

And it was in that same period that I was practicing my coding skills, writing C++ code, solving problems, watching tutorials and listening to podcasts.

And basically, after high school, I got my first junior dev job for a software company.

I won’t go into much details for now about how to land your first job as a developer, but what I wanted to talk about today is why I decided to go for this career instead of others.

See, I’ve been always convinced about how amazing a career as a programmer is, I still think so, but since I started working I realized a very important thing about coding.

Coding itself doesn’t matter, the most important thing is what you can achieve with that skill. 

I’m not saying that you writing quality code isn’t important, I’m not saying that practicing your skills doesn’t count, but trust me, that’s only a small part of the equation.

The rest is made by what you can do with those skills, what impact you can have on others and in your life with those skills.

That’s the best thing about coding I think, the moltitute of ways in which you can transform that skill into something else.

Just to give you some examples :


You can be a teacher:


teaching how to code


This is one of the most honorable things you can do, teaching others something. And especially when it comes to coding, it can really change their life. Just think about how many programs and bootcamps have been opened to allow veterans to reintroduce themselves in society by teaching them to code. Just think about the programs created to help ex-prisoners to redeem themselves. Or simply think about how teaching to code to others might inspire them to create something amazing and help people.


You can freelance :

pc on grass

Feel like the office is not your place ? Well, if you think you can do it you could start your freelancing activity and be your own boss on websites like upwork, and work from everywhere with flexible work hours and you can even decide your rate! Which can be quite high if you are pretty good, just check some high level profiles here and here.


You can start create your product and sell it:

apps on a smartphone


Even if this is one of the hardest roads, since involves also marketing and money management, you may decide to start selling your product, an app, a videogame, a piece of software for people with a specific problem. That could also allow you to open your enterprise and build your empire!


Or you can just enjoy your workplace :

google campus

Another important factor here, programming jobs very often involves amazing benefits and great work places, just think about places like Google or Facebook. Where you can meet world class thinkers and share your knowledge with them, improve, and make the difference. Please keep also in mind that dev jobs can provide you a very high salary and that developers demand is very high, and it will be so for many years to come.

See, this were just some examples of what you can achieve with coding. There are so many others. But the real point is, as a programmer you can make the difference. You can create, innovate and help others with technology, we have this super-power, and we must use it to make other people’s live better.


This was a brief history of mine, of developing and how it motivated me to be a better person.

Stay connected for more post about life as a coder, and tutorials on technologies that I’m going through at the moment.

Be positive, Happy learning!








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