To the hard moments.

I’ve written many lines of code. And I have been disappointed many times.

I’ve showed my work to people many times, and they have been disappointed many times.

I have thought about giving up coding, and then I have been disappointed many times to find myself still sitting in front of the screen.

For they say that the starting point of every achievemnt is desire, and that never fade away.

desire quote by napoleon hill

They also say that just failures are often just temporary defeats, in the process to realize something bigger.

It’s not easy to be a developer, it’s not easy to be a good developer and it’s not easy to keep doing it.

It’s not easy to be the youngest developer I know as I am, in fact, in most of the offices I go.

But the point of this article is just one: don’t give up.

Somehow this may be useful for everybody out there who is in a difficult moment.

When you find yourself stuck,
When you find yourself in the storm,
When the result seems too far.

Keep going on, to leave the storm you’ve got to move, you have got to keep doing what you are doing and the results will come.

I don’t want you to be obsessed. I don’t want you to be completely absorbed by your target and stop thinking about all the other important things in your life.

I want you to be focused.

Focus on the good, even if the situation is not good.

Focus on what you want to become and have faith that it will happen.

Just allow yourself to be who you want to be. Because you know, the first step to accomplish something is to believe you can be that something and then do it.

To all the programmers, or simply people out there who are struggling, don’t give up.

paulo coehlo quote



And in the meantime don’t forget to be happy.


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