We are a community

TheCoderSwag is not only a website, it’s a community. And you can be an active part of all of this by becoming an author for us. Whether you want to share your knowledge with a single article, or become an active writer, your contribution is vital and your voice needs to be heard by developers out there.

Gain visibility

As a guest writer, you will be able to gain visibility as a developer by having an author section on the website, with useful links to your personal blog, social profiles, and to your useful projects that matter to you.

Contact us

To start writing for us, just send a message to pieroborrellidev(@) We will start planning your journey here. In the meantime, just remember these rules that matter for us: 

  • The article has got to be at least 400 words long
  • It has to be completely original(plagiarism checked applied)


Still not sure if you want to write for us ? Here are some ideas to inspire you about what the people and us would love to hear about: 

  • Tech articles: tech articles about frameworks, programming languages, tools, tips and tricks
  • Personal branding: blogging, personal branding, speaking, networking, social media marketing, podcasting
  • Productivity: tools for learning better, learning methods, hacks
  • Motivational: motivational articles, articles about love, life, success, pain and struggle in the tech world. 
  • Finance for developers: money managing, tips for freelancing.